Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mystery quilt decision

I've decided that my new mystery quilt for Saturday Sampler will have a fall theme.  And I found this piece in my "lost & found" stash so it was free!!  Not to find 5 coordinating fabrics.

Now that the decision has been made I can't wait until the second Saturday of September to see what we are starting.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Traveling Stars layout

I've decided on a staggered layout with no sashing for my Traveling Stars quilt.  This would look good on our queen size bed, so I've been doing a little math.  

These blocks are 11.5" unfinished.  So if I make it 8 blocks by 10 blocks the finished quilt will be about 88" x 110".  And that would mean that I need 80 stars and so far I have 47.

I'll add a white strip to the top of every other row, and the same strip to the bottom of the other row.  That would be vertical rows, so that the sides will all be even.  

I'm linking up to Judy's Design Wall Monday so check out what is going on in the quilting world.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

String blocks

Saturday afternoon offered a small window of sewing time so I finished up this month's 5 string blocks that were part of my August goals.  There are now 31 blocks in the pile and I need 48 total, so I still need 17 more.  Maybe my September goals should include 8 or 9 instead of 5 so I can make faster progress.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

More stars in my sky

These are Traveling Stars #44-47 and I'm happy to say I'm all caught up with these.  Sometime later today I'm going to play with some layouts for these and make a decision about how many I'll actually need and how I want the quilt to look.  These star blocks really make me smile because they are all so bright and they remind me of my friends in guild.

Our guild members try to bring a 6" square of fabric from travels they make during the year and the members have made some beautiful quilts with these squares.  It's a fun way to share.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Traveling Star #43

This is #43 in the Traveling Stars blocks so I'm getting closer to having enough for a large bed quilt.  I did a little prep work last night and managed to put this pink one together early this morning before work.  That is a miracle in itself because I'm NOT a morning person.

The next 4 of them are ready to sew this evening or tomorrow.  This is a quilt top that I'm really looking forward to working on.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Planning ahead

One of my August goals was to make 3 more Traveling Star blocks with my guild squares.  But to completely catch up I need to make 5 of them.  So my plan is to make these over the weekend. I should have lots of quiet time to sew while my hubbie is playing in a golf tournament.

I'll need to dig through the stash to find the right colors for the star points.  The backgrounds are all scrappy white or white-on-white fabrics.  I'm think a nice gold will work for the western batik and the pink lasso fabrics.  The Ohio state one will need a grey or a red.  The thimble fabric has a lot of browns and blues in it, so I'm leaning toward a medium to light blue for the star points. And the brown with the little flowers has a pink that I want to "pull" out via the star points.

Finding fabrics will probably be all I accomplish in the next couple of evenings as I am doing workshops at schools every day this week and next.  But Saturday - my sewing machine will be humming!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Choosing fabrics

Our new Saturday Sampler will be a mystery quilt project using 6 fabrics.  Each fabric just needs 2/3 of a yard.  But I'm really having trouble with ideas for what I want. Do I want to make a quilt with a theme?  If so, what kind of theme?  If not, do I just find a color scheme I like?  Maybe I just need to find a focus fabric I love and build my other choices from that.

I've been exploring  for color palette ideas.  So many beautiful ideas.