Friday, May 27, 2016

Short road trip

I am on a short road trip yesterday and today with my sister-in-law, and since she is also a quilter I didn't have to whine and beg to stop at any quilt shops. In fact she insisted because she needed to pick up one of her sewing machines at one of the shops in Rapid City.  We actually stopped in 3 shops yesterday.  And the shops are selling their 2016 license plates for Row By Row now even though their patterns will not be available until the official start date of June 21.

The purpose of the trip is to pick up my granddaughter Sophie to bring her back to my house while mom and dad finish the packing for their big move east over the weekend. But it also gave me the opportunity to have supper with 3 Rapid City friends last night.  And SIL Kathy went to supper with friends of hers too. She lived here for about 15 years and has lots of friends here. 

And we're stopping in one more quilt shop this morning before picking up Sophie and heading home.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One more row

One row closer to being done with Allietare.

Most likely I will get NO sewing done at all in the next few days. Tomorrow I'm driving 300 miles west to Rapid City to pick up my granddaughter Sophia and coming back on Friday sometime with her. Then over the weekend I expect her mommy, daddy, and baby brother will arrive at some point - after the moving truck loads up their household. They are moving back to Sioux Falls which is only an hour east of us. Yay!!

I did build a little extra time into this trip west to have supper with a girl friend who lives in Rapid City, and I'm sure I'll visit at least one quilt shop while I'm there. 

And when things settle down again next week I have to make a decision about replacing or repairing my sewing machine.  Right now I'm leaning toward replacing it with a new machine which might be fun. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

License plate fun

I've added 2 more license plate blocks.  The blanket stitching still needs to be done but the pieces are all fused down to the backgrounds.

There are about 8 or 10 of these license plates from last year's Row By Row Experience and I'm hoping to collect a few this summer too. I haven't decided if I make a wall hanging using just last year's plates or go for a bigger quilt and mix the years. This will be a WIP and it's kind of fun to just let the project evolve over time.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The "blue screen of death" . . .

This wasn't in my sewing plans for today! I have no idea whether my lovely computerized machine can be repaired or not, but it sure changed my plans for the day. 

Guess it's time to pull out my ancient Singer, run a couple of new bobbins and see if I can at least finish what I was working on this morning.  Or maybe it's just a day to clean my sewing room.

May 22 - Status of the Stash

I realized this morning that the last stash report I made was April 24 - a whole month ago!  I've done a bit of sewing since then.

These 2 blocks are Centauris for May in our Saturday Sampler. The first one is my bonus block to enter into a drawing to hopefully win all of the bonus blocks. This month's them is batiks and I went for bright ones.

The second block is made with the Saturday Sampler fabrics, which are an over-dyed muslin. Very crisp fabric that sews like a dream. I don't usually go for these dusty colors but I have to leave my comfort zone once in awhile.

Over the past month I did finish a quilt top (elephants in 30s fabrics) and a table runner (Easter Sunrise). I've made a TON of blocks of various sizes that will have to be added in later to the stash used. And I've bought some background, sashing, and border fabrics to finish up some other projects. 

So here is the stash report for the past 2 weeks.

In this month: 6 yds
In this year: 56 yds
Out this month: 5 yds
Out this year: 53 yds

The stash is leading but not by very much. And I'm optimistic that I'll be bumping up those "out" numbers this summer since I won't be working full time. I have some major sewing plans.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Dark green Crown of Thorns

The RSC color for May is dark green and I finally settled on a batik for this latest Crown of Thorns block. Not much time was spent in my sewing room this week but that's OK. There is always the weekend . . . although I plan to play some golf this weekend too.  I did do a little sorting and cutting late this afternoon, and even pulled out a UFO that was given to me long ago to finish or pass along. More on that another time.  And I still haven't found the flimsy I posted about yesterday.  It's a mystery.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throw Back Thursday - looking for old UFOs

I know this one never got quilted, so now I'm wondering what drawer or box this flimsy is hiding in. This was from 2010 according to my old photos.

I need to start looking deeper in that sewing room.