Sunday, April 23, 2017

Harvest Bounty 60 degree runner

This is the 60 degree table runner on which I picked out all of the original attempt at quilting. My attempt at stippling was pitiful - jagged with a variety ot stitch lengths. So I had set it aside and it became a UFO.  Fast forward to this week - and I ended up putting a simple diagonal straight line quilting on this, and then bound it. So it is finished and I'm counting this as my #12 UFO for the All People Quilt UFO Challenge. The item that was originally my #12 is off the list and this is replacing it.  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spotlight is finished

I finally have an April finish, and it's this panel with some pieced borders added.  I used a pattern called Spotlight II, and I like the multi-colored squares in the border. I may try a similar one but use pinwheels in the border. I have more panels to play with. 

This is a nice size for using on the sofa, or it would be a good size for a child. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

One row at a time

This is turning into a slow project, which is silly considering how small it is. The center section of this little quilt is only about 18" square.  I got another row on it yesterday, plus I added the top border strip on and it seemed to help the rows lay flat.  So now I have 1 more row and the other 3 side borders to put on.  Then there is an outer pieced border.  Maybe this afternoon I'll get some more done on this.
I worked most of the day yesterday at my 2 part time jobs, but then spent more time picking out quilting stitches on that table runner I showed. I can only do that in daylight - sitting by the window due to my poor eyesight close up. The good news is that my appointment for new glasses is May 8.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

UFO - lost and found

While cleaning up a shelf in my sewing room yesterday, I discovered this UFO table runner that I had forgotten about. The reason this one is a UFO is because I tried to quilt this myself a couple of years ago using a meander or stipple. I stopped after finishing about 1/3 of it and set it aside - because it looked terrible.  The stitches very in length, there are skipped stitches, and jagged lines where there should be smooth curves. It's awful and it would never satisfy me.
It may take me a few days of picking, but this quilting is being removed. Once removed I will do something much more simple and take my time so that the quality of my stitching is better. Since I didn't work at all on the UFO originally selected for April, this one is going take it's place.  And whatever I do with it will be an improvement.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Not much to report

I just haven't spent much time in my sewing room lately. I did get 1 more center block and 3 border blocks made for Cranberry Chutney by Kim Diehl. And I've been working a little on a quilt binding. But it's a cool, rainy day today - just perfect for some sewing time. And I will have most of the afternoon free to sew. 
We really need the rain, so no complaints on the weather. It's been raining, not drizzling, for most of the morning, so hopefully we'll see at least a half inch or more. That will keep those leaves popping out. Maybe this weekend I'll make a visit to the local greenhouse and do a bit of browsing.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Simple Whatknots - Cranberry Chutney


The cutting is all done for a new Kim Diehl Simple Whatknots project.  This one is called Cranberry Chutney and is done with just 2 fabrics/colors. I really love a red and white quilt so I'm excited to get this one done.  I made one of the center blocks. These finish at 6.5" square and the other 8 are ready to sew, hopefully later today.
Our group met for lunch last Saturday and several of the gals talked about the outer border blocks not fitting properly on this one. Most ended up adjusting the width of the border separating the border blocks from the center blocks so they would fit, which turned out OK.  They mostly used the template in the pattern and complained that their blocks finished 1/4" too small.  So I decided to try using my Companion Angle ruler instead and tested it on some scraps.  With the ruler my test block came out to a perfect 4.5" square.  So I know that's the technique I'll use for making the real blocks.  

The Companion Angle ruler is perfect for cutting hourglass block pieces from strip sets, and the Easy Angle ruler that goes with it is perfect for cutting HST from strip sets. Notice the flat spot at the tip? That lines up with the edge of the fabric.  I use them quite often. There are a couple of different "brands" of these rulers made by different designers.