Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lots of binding needed

This morning I picked up my New Age Saturday Sampler from The Pin Cushion, where Bonnie worked her magic on it.  This is a BIG - almost king sized - quilt, so I'm going to need about 430 inches of binding. 
I'm not sure I have that much of the original binding fabric left, so we'll see what I end up using. Maybe the binding on this one will be scrappy and use leftovers from several of the colors in this one.

Monday, September 18, 2017

No sewing happening around here.

I have not stepped foot in my sewing room for over a week and I'm going through withdrawal. I'm also at work now - and procrastinating getting some invoicing done.  Shame on me!
Between work last week, having our 5 year old granddaughter staying with us all week, and then heading back to my home state over the weekend for my 45th (gulp!) class reunion - there was no time for sewing.
But my sister-in-law stopped over last night and brought me some fun Row By Row license plates. She spent 3 weeks in Connecticut, and New York, and Boston on a recent visit to see her great granddaughter.  Wasn't that nice that she thought of me?  I just can't decide which is my favorite.
So they are now in the stack of quilty things waiting in the kitchen to be taken downstairs to my sewing space.  And hopefully that, and some sewing, will happen this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My sidekick . . .

My sidekick this week is 5 year old granddaughter Sophia.  She had her tonsils out last Thursday and the doctor says she can't go back to school until Friday. So she is staying with grandma and grandpa for now because mom and dad need to go to work.  Since I work from home it's no problem to have her here - especially since she is one of those kids who entertains herself for hours on end with Legos or coloring books or crafts.  And she has an iPad with PBS Kids animal shows that she listens to while she plays. Over, and over, and over again.  We've done FaceTime with mom, dad, and little brother Jack each evening and she doesn't seem homesick.  I'll take her home on Thursday around supper time once mommy gets home from work. I think she will be glad to go back to kindergarten and see her friends. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Grand Adventure begun

I know I have no business starting one more project until I finish something, but I just couldn't resist trying this out.  And it gave me a break from seemingly endless pinwheels.
Jennie Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company calls this quilt Grand Adventure. This was one of her recent online tutorials.  It's also known as Delectable Mountains, and I'm sure there are other names for these blocks as well.  There are even alternate setting options with the mountain peaks off set with each other, like below.
Her tutorial shows this block made using 10" layer cake squares and I just happened to have a Christmas layer cake.  A print 10" square is matched up with a background square and sewn on both sides of a diagonal line - creating 2 big half square triangles.  They are then cut into 4 even strips, making sure the diagonals run opposite directions.  Then the strips are rearranged to make the peaks.
Check out her tutorial here:

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pinwheel progress

There are only 12 pinwheel blocks left to finish and then I can put them together into a quilt top.  I'm toying with placing a narrow sashing between these blocks, but haven't decided yet for sure.  It doesn't have to be very wide and I have enough of the background to do the sashing. 
Check out what other quilters are up to at Design Wall Monday: http://smallquiltsanddollquilts.blogspot.com/

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday "piece and quiet"

That is a bad pun, I know.  But I did have plenty of uninterrupted sewing time today because my husband is playing in a golf tournament with both sons-in-law.  So, other than doing a little laundry, I had the day to myself to do what I want. 
I started out with a bit Halloween fun.  A friend in our Sew Vintage group gave everyone a 10" square of a vintage-looking Halloween fabric. Then I dug into the stash to find something to go with it.  I'm not sure yet whether this will end up a pillow cover or wall hanging. 
And with leftovers I made this mug rug. This is sandwiched and ready for a little quilting. In the meantime I can keep thinking about what I want the bigger project to become.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Little red convertible

Granddaughter Sophia had her tonsils out this morning.  She was a trooper according to mom and dad.  I'm very impressed by the process these days - including the patient driving herself into surgery in a little red convertible. How fun is that!  And she has her favorite quilt with her, which is the one I made for her just over 5 years ago when she was born.  Obviously there is a focus on keeping the kids relaxed and less frightened before surgery. That sure is different from when I had my tonsils out back in the dark ages - 1963.
I'll be babysitting tomorrow so mom and dad can go back to work. And since she can't go back to school until the end of next week, she may come stay with us for a few days next week, so mom and dad don't have to miss too much work.  I feel bad that she has to miss so much school right away, so hopefully her kindergarten teacher can give us some things to work on while she's out.