Friday, January 24, 2020

EPP Hearts

Some days I hate social media and other days I really love it.  This week I'm loving it because of all of the wonderful creative Valentine ideas for quilting that I've been finding.  I saw these English paper pieced hearts on Facebook the other day and hopefully my friend won't mind that I've hijacked her photo.  It was posted by my friend Moneik in a small closed Facebook group that I follow.  Aren't these little hearts adorable?  

Picture borrowed from my friend Moneik's Facebook page.
I decided I wanted to try some of these out, and got online last night looking for the paper templates.  Then I realized that I already HAVE the paper templates for the heart shaped hexies.  The template papers that I had downloaded from long ago for hexies had the perfect extra shape.  These are 1" (sides) templates.

Look at the colored in section - that is the shape used in the hearts and there it was in front of me all the time.  Card stock paper is always in my paper stash because it's so handy to use for lots of things.  I've printed 3 sheets of these and can get 20 of these half heart sections per sheet.  

So now I'm excited to play with them - another perfect hand stitching project while watching TV.  Is this another example of my brain being distracted by something new? Of course - and that is half the fun of my quilting obsession.  

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2

This is the Sewing Baskets block from Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage 2.  It was our challenge for the Sew Vintage group this month.  Such a cute and very traditional block. 

I think I'm going to mix some of these blocks in with the 12" blocks I have from the first Farm Girl Vintage book.  For those blocks I made both sizes (6" and 12") and my quilt with all of the 6" blocks is already made.  But I still have all of those bigger blocks and just couldn't decide what to do with them.  Now I think if I add some of these new blocks I'll have enough for 2 big quilts.  

This block was my therapy today and it didn't turn out as well as I want.  It's OK and will be fine once it's in a quilt, but just doesn't quite pass quality control for me.  But - I needed a break from drama, drama, drama - and only had an hour to play hooky from work.  This is the slightly crooked result. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Valentine ideas

I had the morning off today, and I was in major need of a "pick me up".   My brain said it wanted to surf for some bright and cheery Valentine's Day ideas.  Let me be honest here . . . Pinterest and Google are both Black Holes where I can get lost for hours sometimes. 

I don't know for sure where this actually came from, so I can't give credit to the quilter who made it.  But I traced the pattern back to . The picture was on Google when I searched for "heart blocks".  Isn't this one fun?  I didn't see a link for a pattern but it's basically quarter square triangles made into hourglass units and half hourglass units.  Or it could be done with lots of half square triangles too.  I did pull out the project box that was filled with Valentine fabrics - and in that box were some surprises.  I'll share some of that another day. 

I want to do the math and figure out this pattern for myself before I cut into any of those fabrics.  But I think this is something I want to make.  However - I promised myself that the final 2 paper-pieced pineapple blocks MUST be done before I start anything new.  I made one of them before emails from work projects interrupted me.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

7 little pineapple blocks

There are now 7 of these little 6.5" pineapple blocks made.  Two more to go!  These are paper pieced using charm packs of the colors, and leftover white jelly roll strips. 

The pattern calls for 12 but I'm making 9 so the project will be square.  A pillow or a wall hanging?  Either would be cute and I'll decide once this is all put together. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Design Wall Monday - French General

It’s always good to check off a finish.  This is a Disappearing 4-patch wall hanging made with a charm pack of French General fabrics.  And the really exciting thing - to me anyway - is that I quilted it myself. Yay!!  The batting and backing were all from the stash but I did end up buying a little more of that border print to bind it.  The colors look a bit washed out in this photo, but they are nice soft reds, creams, and blues very typical of French General. 

Check out more Design Walls at:

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Snowed in sewing

 I have a serious case of cabin fever going on. It was a bitter cold windy day here on Saturday, but the sun was shining finally.  And even here in town there was still a LOT of snow moving.  Our street wasn't plowed out until afternoon.  But with a NEGATIVE 20 degree wind chill, it did seem like a smart thing to stay home yesterday and sew - which is what I did.

First off, two more green RSC20 blocks were added to the collection.  So now I have 2 each of the Twinkle Star and Gingham blocks.   At least 2 or 3 of each color should make a reasonable size quilt.  I'm loosely thinking 20 total blocks of each of these will be my goal. 

I also finished the top for Batik Stars.  It turned out fine, but the colors here just don't appeal to me.  However, it's a nice size - about 50" x 60" so it will make a good donation quilt.  And it feels really good to have this one finally put together after sitting around as just blocks since 2007.  And I have an empty project box waiting to be filled with something new and interesting. 

Last but not least is the French General wall hanging.  I added the quilting in the colored squares and was very pleased with the results - until I laid it out to photograph.  That's when I saw the 2 whole sections that I missed quilting.  So that will be one of my projects today.  

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Pineapple blocks

One more pineapple block has been done and I’ve taken the paper off of all six that are completed.  The pattern calls for 12 blocks but I’m going to only do 9 because I want this piece to be square.