Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Friendship Squares & summer storms

The Midwest is no stranger to summer thunderstorms, but this has sure been a crazy summer for storms.  Yesterday afternoon the sky turned a very scary green and the wind howled. We did get some decent rain, but it fell horizontally in 70-80 mph winds.  The damage here was limited to some tree branches but we heard reports of much worse.  We have been lucky so far. 

No sewing happened yesterday, but I can share more holiday weekend sewing. . .

Over several years of membership in the local quilt guild I've collected a LOT of the 6" "travel squares" that is a club tradition.  When members travel somewhere we try to bring back fabric that reminds us of the place we visited.  With our relatively small membership it takes about 1.5 yards to cut a 6" square to give to each member when we return.

My first quilt using these was a star quilt with the center of each star being one of these fun little squares.  They are usually too cute to cut smaller.  

This month we received 5 different travel squares!  Kind of a jackpot, right?  Sunday - while my husband was playing golf, I was sewing.   

The multi-colored ladybugs and the camping print are both framed in purple.  

I've been calling this block a Friendship Square although the block pattern was from Pat Sloan's Winter Fun sew-along.  I knew I wanted something that showcased the square, and this one works perfectly.  There are now 23 of them in the project box, with lots and lots of squares left to frame.  I'm thinking they will make some fun kid quilts to donate.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

One more finish - Wisdom

 I can happily check off one more UFO from the list because Wisdom is finished.

This was a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project from the past couple of years. The block was a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop called Wisdom.  It's basically just a churn dash block with a 4-patch in the center.  The backgrounds are a variety of neutrals - whatever I had.  

The binding is a pink stripe with a touch of floral to it.  This should make a good donation quilt. 

Next in line is the Scotty Dog child sized quilt.  The binding is on and I'm starting to hand stitch it down on the back.  This will be a daylight project as the binding is a black and white polka dot and hard to see by lamplight.  This is another UFO that will be good to check off once it's done. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

Design Wall Monday - Happy July 4th!!

Happy July 4th!!  Is there a red, white, and blue quilt on your design wall today?

Our local quilt guild met on Saturday morning and there were some really beautiful patriotic quilts shown during Show 'n Tell (my favorite part of the meeting).  Wow - so inspirational!!!

Aren't they wonderful?  I just wanted to rush home and start another Quilt of Valor!!

But I didn't . . . instead I went home and worked on things already in progress.  The Happy Cats quilt top is done and ready to quilt.  It's now hanging in the closet with some other flimsies - waiting.  

The cat fabric was something I purchased late last winter on a short road trip for college basketball, and it was originally planned for pillowcases.  But then Mary Quilts had posted pictures of her latest Happy Blocks quilt, and I realized the cat print would be perfect for that.  So I collected several colors of Grunge fabrics for the frames.  I do wish I had separated the purple and black blocks more, but overall it's pretty cute.  It will be gifted or donated some day. 

I also worked at getting the Checkered Stars top put together.  This one is only 35" square so far - just a bit small for a baby quilt.  I only made half of the blocks originally planned.  This was from one of the Fat Quarter Shop Sew Sampler boxes.  I think I started it over a year ago but lost interest.  The charm pack used was Spring Brook by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts.  I still have the second charm pack left over.  The grey and white was from my stash and I've used pretty much all of those. 

One more border should make this one a better size for a baby quilt.  I hunted around online and finally found some of the yardage from this line, and ordered some yellow.  So this UFO is getting another step closer to finished.  

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Purple is hard to resist

It's always fun to shift my attention to a new color of scraps at the beginning of each month.  Purple was especially fun to dig into for some reason.

This Hello Birdie block was just too cute to resist.  I kept seeing these all over the Internet - a free Riley Blake pattern.  I was seeing the birds on Facebook and on blogs, so I caved in on Wednesday morning and made one using the purple fabrics I already had laying out for other RSC blocks.  My original thought had been to make them using 30s prints, and that might still happen some day. 

And of course since I had a lot of sewing time this week I have plenty of other purple things to show for all that sewing time.  There are Nanci's Stars (3), elephant, Falling In Love, Happy Cats, Twinkle Star, and Bricks (4) - all with a purple focus. 

After this morning's quilt guild meeting I hope to cut the pieces for the other 4 Falling In Love heart blocks, and maybe a couple more elephants or birds.    

Check out more Rainbow Scrap Challenge fun:

Friday, July 1, 2022

July goals

 How did it get to be July already?  Summer just flies by, whether or not we want it to.  And whether or no we are ready for it.

My UFO Challenge goals for June included the Scotty Dog quick strippee quilt.  It isn't completely done, but it is ready to bind.  So that's a win.  The binding will be that black with white dots.  I'm also in the process of binding another UFO - the Wisdom quilt.  And the Kaleidoscope table toppers are ready to bind as well, although I don't have the binding made yet.

Goal #1 for July - finish binding Wisdom & Scotty Dogs & Kaleidoscope

The UFO I'm choosing to tackle first in July is the Happy Block project with the cute cat fabric.  I had about 8 or 9 blocks sewn, but it has been set aside for awhile.  I got it back out, and am determined to get enough blocks made to put this child sized quilt together by the end of the month.  Or maybe by the end of next week. 

With all of the parts already cut for this project it really shouldn't take too long to have a completed quilt top.  I just need to FOCUS.  

Goal #2 for July - finish the Happy Cats blocks & assemble top

Looking at the other projects on my UFO and WIP and lists, I know immediately that I have several things going that are getting pretty close to having finishes - if only I would just dig in.  

Nanci's Stars has a total of 18 blocks so far, all in batiks.  This has been a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.  I have the purple blocks sewn for this month already since I had the pieces cut early in the week.  These are only 9" square (finished) so 20 blocks would make a good lap size.  But if I just keep making more blocks as new colors are announced, then it could be bigger.  Decision, decisions!

Goal #3 for July - keep up with monthly block projects

**  Saturday Sampler blocks
**  purple Falling In Love blocks (need 4 more)
**  additional elephant blocks in past month's RSC colors
** continue with Brick blocks (leader/ender)
**  additional Quilt of Valor blocks

Goal #4 for July - progress on other selected UFOs

**  sashing on more Tulip Time blocks
**  finish top for Checkered Stars 
**  add borders to Shooting Stars

I know I'll find lots of other things to work on as well, but this is a good start for setting some goals.  I really want to bring a few projects to that flimsy stage this month.  

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Getting a little head start on purple

 There is a downside to Angela revealing the new color for July already last weekend on her RSC post.  That downside is . . . that I just couldn't resist pulling out the purple drawer to see what I have to play with. And that led to some purple sewing of course.  I can't get too carried away this week with purple because then I won't have anything keep me working through July, right?

This purple elephant just makes me smile.  He's so cute!!  He joins 2 light green, 1 blue, 1 aqua, 1 yellow, and 2 pink friends.  I haven't made a red one yet, and still want to have a second one in each of the colors, so more elephants are in my plans.  I'm planning on a total of 20. 

And while that pretty piece of purple fabric was laying there on the cutting table, I cut the pieces for a Falling in Love heart block.  And I think there is just enough of it left for an Ohio Star block. 

And then of course I couldn't resist just sewing those pieces right away.   Some fabric choices are selected for the other 4 hearts, although I may dig deeper for another one to replace that darkest fabric on the bottom.  There are plenty of options still in the drawer.  

The pieces are all cut for the Nanci's Stars blocks in purple.  These are all in batiks, and so far I have no idea just how I want to put them all together.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Home Sweet Home is a flimsy

 Goal #1 for this week was to finish the top for the latest Quilt of Valor - Home Sweet Home.

My goal has been met - Yay!!  This kit was the Liberty Box for this year from Fat Quarter Shop, and it went together really nicely.  The pattern was well written, and the fabrics are just lovely.  

I did save all of the big triangle pieces trimmed from the roof of each house block, and used them to make small Hourglass blocks.  There are enough scraps left of all of the fabrics to make more Quilt of Valor blocks, maybe more Hourglass, 4-patch, or possibly even some Bead blocks. 

Goal #2 is to attach the binding onto the Wisdom quilt, which is a UFO.  Hopefully that will happen sometime today.