Monday, August 30, 2010

Then there were 3 . . .

We have loved the back yard of this house from the day we moved in. Our family room has a south wall of mostly windows that looked out onto the back yard. It was guarded by 4 beautiful ash trees about 30 feet tall. However . . . now there are only 3. We had a nasty thunderstorm come through here in the past hour with very high winds. Dave and I stood in the kitchen and watched that tree lean more and more - until it finally just broke off at the ground. It is very depressing to lose one of those, but we are probably lucky it didn't fall on the deck or the house.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Interventions are good things

Our little "Intervention" on Tuesday night was a success, at least for me. Marilyn cut the rest of my strips for my X blocks, while I sewed more strip sets, and put together 8 more blocks.

Pam worked on a table topper called "taco salad" with Sylvia's help. And I made a decision (with everyone's help) on which fabrics to use for the sashing and borders for my Christmas quilt.

This weekend I hope to finish the strip sets and put together more blocks for the X block quilt. Half of the blocks are this pumpkin and black combination and the othe half are dark green and black. Once I have the blocks all done, then I'll have to decide on a layout design.

And since I picked up my pink and white New Wave quilt from the quilter this afternoon, I have a binding to do. I should have some pictures in the next couple of days.

OK - Whose sewing room gets an intervention next week?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UFO Intervention

I had an impromptu lunch with 3 friends on Saturday and we all complained about how unmotivated we had become lately. The lack of motivation centers around UFOs in our sewing rooms. And none of us probably wants to admit how many there might really be!!

We decided we needed an INTERVENTION at each of our houses. I'm first. These ladies are coming to my house tonight to help me tackle one of those UFOs - maybe two. There will be wine involved as a reward for our hard work.

My plan is to finish cutting and sewing the strip sets to finish up my X Block quilt top. Then I plan to ask for some advice on the layout of another quilt top that has blocks, but no definite plan.

MMMM - progress will feel so good!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blocks 7 & 8

I got in gear this weekend and managed to catch up on my blocks for Saturday Sampler. I hate falling behind on these, because then it becomes very easy to just set them aside permanently. And I'm loving these blocks.

Block #7 is Queen Victoria's Crown. The center went together fast - and then the outer rows took awhile. Too many little triangles. And one of the edges refuses to straighten out with pressing. However, I know that when I sew it onto a sashing it will be OK.

Block #8 is called Arizona. This one was much easier. My only bit of panic is comes with wondering how much of each fabric will be needed to finish the final 4 blocks. One of my pink fabrics has much less left than all of the others. But this is a sampler quilt, so substitution may be OK in the end.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Nearly Perfect Day

Yesterday was a nearly perfect day. I went to the 2010 Quilts & Vines event with 3 girlfriends. The weather was great for an outdoor quilt show - no wind, no humidity, no heat. Just lots of sunshine and gentle breezes.

We set up our lawn chairs in the shade of big ol' trees, then wandered off at our leisure to explore the hundreds of quilts displayed in the vineyard and along the fence lines. A band played in the background and their was food available for sale. And of course - since the whole event is held at the Strawbale Winery, there was wine to taste - and purchase if desired.

Here are a few of my favorite views from the day. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quilts & Vines

Only a couple of more days until the 2010 Quilts & Vines. I can't wait to attend for the 4th year!

Just imagine hundreds of quilts hung in a vineyard among the grape vines, draped over fences, and hung on the side of an old barn. Music, a trunk show, food . . . and local wines to taste. What more can a girl ask for on a Saturday?

If you are within driving distance of Sioux Falls then it will be worth your time to come check it out. Bring a lawnchair, a hat, and sunscreen. And after you've explored the quilts - or maybe to rest up in between, you can sit in the shade of big old trees, listen to the music, sip a little wine, and just relax.

Here is a quick glimpse from last year . . .