Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beautiful quilting

I picked up my round robin quilt yesterday from the quilter. Isn't this stitching just lovely on my Christmas themed quilt? The gals at The Pin Cushion do a great job!  The thread is a gold/cream variegated and the cream backing has the same shape swirl on it in gold. So I think I need to bind this in a nice gold as well.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday afternoon hand work

Catching up on some handwork was the only sewing that happened on Sunday. When this photo was taken, only the little red dots needed to be blanket stitched.  

The pieced Saturday Sampler blocks look really nice with these floral blocks. I also have a duplicate of the small block on the top right to finish. Maybe this week.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 26 Status of the Stashu

Halfway through the year already - Wow! I just can't believe how fast time flies. 

I had to do a little extra math this week because I made some purchases and finished a couple of things.  I finished a flimsy for a patriotic table runner, finished the flimsy for a UFO (batik Trip Around the World), and made a pillowcase with the leftover fabric from the owl baby quilt.  

I purchased some backing fabrics and some "had to have it" fabric - just because. And I visited 2 South Dakota shops participating in the Row By Row Experience: The Pin Cushion here in town and Quilters Headquarters in Sioux Falls. At both shops I bought the row kit and the license plate. 

On Friday I got to spend the day in Sioux Falls with my daughter and grandkids. We did the zoo, did some shopping, played outside and then my daughter took me out for sushi for supper. What a lovely way to spend a Friday! Looking forward to a short work week with extra time for golf with my husband and some sewing.

In this week: 6.5 yds
In this year: 114 yds
Used this week: 7.5 yds
Used this year: 122 yds

Status of the Stash: only 6 yards ahead of my stash! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trip Around The World

It's a flimsy!  And it only took me a couple of years to get this one done.

My decision on keeping it small or making it bigger turned out to be an easy decision. I had the strips all cut for 7 more blocks so that is what I made. I moved the "center" so it is asymmetrical and just added a 5th vertical row.  

So there are 30 blocks using a total of 180 strips.  Most of these were cut using fat quarters and I figure that I've used about 5.5 yards worth of 2.5" squares in this top.  That was WAY more work that I thought it would be when I started.  I have a lots of leftover batiks so I think I'll end up with a scrappy binding too.

Row By Row Experience 2015

If you haven't already checked out the fun Row By Row Experience going on at quilt shops all over the country . . . then it's time you do.  I stopped in at my local shop The Pin Cushion in Mitchell SD to pick up my kit and pattern, plus their license plate.  

The theme for this year is H2O (water) and the participating shops designed their own rows. Some are vertical but most seem to be horizontal.  The Pin Cushion designed a block with rain falling on corn, The Corn Palace domes, and 2 pieced sections for our lake.  I can't wait to visit a few more shops this summer and gather more row patterns.  I feel a road trip coming on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trip Around the World

I started this TATW project a couple of years ago and then it was set aside, like any good UFO.  Over the past months I've pulled it out and made a few blocks and then put it away again.  It is all batiks in watery colors of blues and green and I love the colors.

So . . . this week I decided it was going to go from UFO status to flimsy status before I allow myself to start any new project.  I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.  4 new blocks were made yesterday plus 2 more strip sets made. Now my real decision is this - do I just make 1 more block and make this 48" by 72"? Or do I make 13 more blocks and make this 72" square?  Right now I'm really leaning towards the faster finish.

Monday, June 22, 2015

RSC15 is taking shape

I've made 2 of the alternate blocks and made the 2nd light blue block to add to the RSC15 project so now the layout is beginning to take shape. I will hopefully get one more alternate block made this week yet. Then 1 of the rows will be complete.

This is Block #12 and is Ohio Crossroads inside a Sawtooth Star.  It's always fun when a long term project like this starts to come together.  This will be a big quilt and I'm hoping I'm able to keep up with the blocks the rest of the year.

Red, white, and blue scraps

I dug into my scraps to find lots of red, white, and blue to use for this table runner. The pattern is Piano Keys by Connie at Freemotion By The River.  Once it's quilted I may add medium red stars in the bigger white spaces. We'll see - maybe, maybe not.

I'm linking up to for Design Wall Monday.  What are you working on today?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 25 Status of the Stash

Yesterday was our friendship block exchange so I can start showing off the blocks.  This house block was mine, but I'll post more photos this week so you can see them all.  The brown floral was our focus fabric and every block is wonderful. 

Last week I didn't do a stash report since I was out in Rapid City with the new grandson and his sister. We went to Reptile Gardens that morning and then out for brunch, which was the new mom's first real outing since the baby was born. 

I have NOT made any fabric purchases in the past 2 weeks . . . so I'm overdue, right? A little retail therapy is in my near future since the Row By Row Experience starts this week. If you haven't already heard about this, check out each state online. I think every state has a Facebook page and a website showing the rows designed by participating shops.

While riding in the car last weekend I finished the binding on a baby quilt for a gift for later this summer. I've already counted the yardage for the quilt top, but will add in 2.5 yards used for the backing and binding.  

In this week: 0 yds
In this year: 107.5 yds
Used this week: 2.5 yds
Used this year: 117 yds

Status of the Stash: 9.5 yards ahead of my stash! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A "quilty" Saturday

A little hand blanket stitching this morning on a second applique block for Saturday Sampler.  But I need to put this away soon because I'm hosting a PARTY this afternoon.  The gals involved in the friendship block exchange are getting together at my house to exchange our blocks. I can't wait to see everyone's blocks.  And then I can share the blocks in a blog post.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Month 5 Saturday Sampler

Month 5 pieced block for Saturday Sampler was a really fun block. Lots of pieces again, but this one went together so much easier.  Cindy reminded us to think of these in terms of "sections" and that made so much sense. I learn something new all of the time, even though I've been quilting for 30 years. 

This month we will make 2 of the small versions of the block but I only have 1 of the 2 sewn together. The second one is cut and ready to go.  Maybe today after work. . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Owls in a Quick Strippee

I need a baby gift for later this summer and these Quick Strippee quilts are so quick and easy, plus they really showcase a fun novelty print.  Find the freevpattern at . Mary has some wonderful designs that she has graciously shared.  This one has become my "go to" for a fast baby quilt.

The owl fabric has so many fun colors so I had a hard time deciding which colors to use for the coordinating stripes.  I was leaning toward the aqua but finally decided on purple. The back is a medium purple swirly fabric.  Now I just need to add a label and it's ready to gift.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A sewing day

I've been running around like a crazy person the past 3 weeks for work and family things, and haven't gotten many minutes in my sewing room. But I've taken today off work and guess where I'm spending part of my day?

This block is one of the applique blocks for our Saturday Sampler this year. I worked on the hand blanket stitching during the long car rides this weekend when we went to visit the new baby (and his family) in Rapid City. I still have the little round circles to blanket stitch, but the rest of the pieces are done.  And I sewed down the binding for a baby quilt that I'll post about this week.

This morning I cut all everything I need to make the pieced blocks for this month and this afternoon I plan to work on finishing those.  And I have a pillowcase ready to put together.  A bit of random sewing  but I'm just happy to have some time to do any sewing at all.

Friday, June 12, 2015

RSC15 block 12

June will be the month of light blue and the first block is Woven 4-patch.  This was the first sewing I've done in a week and a half.  New babies and work took priority, but it sure felt good to do a little sewing this morning.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Feels like summer

Today was the first morning that I was able to take my breakfast and my newspaper out to the deck to enjoy. The coffee just seems to taste better when I'm drinking it outside in the fresh air. The birds were especially noisy, the sun was shining and the temp was about 70.

What a perfect way to start the day!  Up until today I either wasn't home, had to leave early or was cold and raining. Cold and raining has been the norm.

Then I had to go to reality and work. After this week I'll be working part time until late July when our work cranks up to crazy busy again before the new school year. I have 28 teachers in an online book study, 5 more teachers in a second online book study (different book), and a few high school kids in online summer coursework.  And I have several reports to write to finish up a big project for work before July 1.  Guess I had better quit procrastinating and get busy!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 23 Status of the Stash

I did make 3 pillowcases early this last week before I left for 2 days at a workshop and then 3 more days with my daughter's family and new baby.  I got home last night about suppertime, doing laundry today and then there will be 2 more days gone next week for more training. I'll have a couple of office days, plus another 1 day workshop to attend.  My head is spinning lately!

But this is my last "full time" week of work until late July. The next 6 weeks or so will only be part time - and I can't wait to get in some time with family and friends, some golf (if it stops raining), and some sewing.

In this week: 0 yds
In this year: 107.5 yds 
Used this week: 3 yds 
Used this year: 114.5 yds

Status of the Stash: 7 yards ahead of my stash! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A good excuse

I have a good excuse for no sewing in the coming days . . . Jackson Walter arrived Wednesday afternoon.  He is grandbaby #5 in the past 4 years. I'm spending a few days here with them and then will come back later in the month again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BFF - quilting friends

The BFF quilt is done and gifted last Saturday evening. My friend Marilyn retired at least a year ago and it took us this long to make her a quilt to celebrate. It's a little late but it was a labor of love.

5 of us got together this winter to plan a quilt or wall hanging for her.  When the latest 100 Blocks magazine from Quiltmaker came out, we saw the BFF block and knew it was just perfect. We picked the border fabric first and then decided on colors to go along with that. So we each made a block (paper pieced) plus the extra one to represent Marilyn. We've each signed our block and then Sylvia quilted and bound it.  We met at a favorite restaurant and surprised Marilyn with this. What a fun evening!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

More pillowcases

I can take 3 yards off my stash total this week because 3 more pillowcases were added to my donation stack.  I bought the farm fabric a couple of weeks ago on my way home from a school visit for work. Just couldn't resist - plus it was the end of a bolt.

The cityscape pillowcase was a kit I bought on impulse last month.  But when I opened it all up I realized that the strip cut for the top was a border print section and if I had folded it in half like usual it would have hidden half of the cute print. So I added a piece of plain white inside of that top section. Then I cut some off the bottom because it was going to be way too long.  Anyway it's done.

The other kit I bought is a Frozen print and that one was way too small. It's obviously a panel section and meant to be used on a square pillow. Someone didn't pay attention to the fact it wouldn't work for a standard pillowcase.  I'll just make it and one of the granddaughters can put it on a small square pillow instead.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Goals for June & a new Traveling Star

My June goals are going to be very small since I will be out of town a lot for work and to put in some grandma time. Sewing and golf will probably be very limited.

I just want to keep up with the Saturday Sampler blocks and the RSC15 blocks. I have no other goals for this month. If I get anything else done great, but if not . . . that is OK too.

I have fallen behind in making these star blocks with the guild "travel" squares, but I did get one new one made this weekend. The center fabric (turtles) was shared by a guild member who had traveled to Hawaii recently. It's a fun tradition in our guild to bring back fabric from a trip and share a 6" square with each member. I have over 40 star blocks made so far with the squares I've received.