Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Feels like summer

Today was the first morning that I was able to take my breakfast and my newspaper out to the deck to enjoy. The coffee just seems to taste better when I'm drinking it outside in the fresh air. The birds were especially noisy, the sun was shining and the temp was about 70.

What a perfect way to start the day!  Up until today I either wasn't home, had to leave early or was cold and raining. Cold and raining has been the norm.

Then I had to go to reality and work. After this week I'll be working part time until late July when our work cranks up to crazy busy again before the new school year. I have 28 teachers in an online book study, 5 more teachers in a second online book study (different book), and a few high school kids in online summer coursework.  And I have several reports to write to finish up a big project for work before July 1.  Guess I had better quit procrastinating and get busy!!


  1. I enjoy sitting on the deck, too, but it has been cool, overcast, rainy, and downright dreary.

  2. Sitting outside in the early morning is truly one of lifes greatest enjoyments