Monday, August 23, 2010

Blocks 7 & 8

I got in gear this weekend and managed to catch up on my blocks for Saturday Sampler. I hate falling behind on these, because then it becomes very easy to just set them aside permanently. And I'm loving these blocks.

Block #7 is Queen Victoria's Crown. The center went together fast - and then the outer rows took awhile. Too many little triangles. And one of the edges refuses to straighten out with pressing. However, I know that when I sew it onto a sashing it will be OK.

Block #8 is called Arizona. This one was much easier. My only bit of panic is comes with wondering how much of each fabric will be needed to finish the final 4 blocks. One of my pink fabrics has much less left than all of the others. But this is a sampler quilt, so substitution may be OK in the end.


  1. Love the pink and brown blocks. They are so pretty and the color combo draws me to them.

  2. How fun! I'm going to have to follow you now to see how your finished quilt will look! I love the pink and brown with the white! Awesome! Feel free to stop by our blog and enter our giveaway for free fabric or other goodies!
    Cheery wave from Bev

  3. I love the fabric in that block! I became a follower just to see how that quilt turns out! I wish those blocks were cupcakes, because they look delicious!

  4. Very pretty, love the pink and brown...