Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finishing Touches

Last Saturday we met at Sylvia's to quilt our breast cancer raffle quilt on her Qbot. It is so exciting to put those finishing touches on to a project. And this one was especially heart warming. Dillon, who is Sylvia's grandson, and also a student in Mrs M's class this year - stopped by to check it all out. He picked out the backing for the quilt.

Once we finished quilting it, Yvonne put on the binding. I'm working on a quilt label to add to the back. We want to make sure whoever wins this remembers that it was made for a very important cause. And of course we hope that lots of money is raised for Mrs. M's foundation. We hope to display the quilt next week at an education conference being held locally where nearly 200 educators will gather.

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