Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

I made more of the x-blocks yesterday and am now up to 24 of them. I think I'll need at least double that to make a decent sized quilt. Thanks go out to those readers who gave me their feedback on the layout. I've decided to go with that zig zag looking one. It's looking good so far on my design wall.

The other thing I've worked on this weekend (beside my golf game) is a table runner for the 4th of July. Here is a sneak peak. I'm using a clam shell design for the hand quilting and it's going pretty quickly. Hope it's actually done by the 4th!


  1. Oh, Sara, I'm envious... not only of your quilting ability but that you were able to get out and beat on a golf ball. It's been so hot here that even if my ribs were okay I wouldn't have enjoyed going out to play. The only way I enjoy playing golf when it get's into triple digits is to go very early. Golf and garage sales are the only things I will actually plan to get up early for... so you have to know I really enjoy both of those things. I really like that fabric you are using for your 4th of July runner. I wish my stitches when I hand sew were as nice as yours. I need a lot of practice.


  2. Helen - we had lots of hot humid weather last week here in SD (90's) but this weekend was lovely and I think today will be too. I'm taking the day off and we're meeting some friends for golf in Larchwood Iowa this afternoon. And I'm taking my hand quilting along in the car for something to do while riding.

    Hope you get some relief from the awful heat soon.