Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another UFO

How many UFO's do you have in your sewing room? Be honest now!

I'm afraid to count them. My sewing room has a large closet and I have some of my WIP's hanging in there. Skirt hangers with the little clips are just perfect to hold sets of blocks together. But among 8 partial sets of blocks was this little quilt top, draped over a hanger and waiting patiently for batting, a back, and some quilting.

This top is the Buggy Barn "Hearts & Stars" pattern. It's one of my favorite pattern. Six blocks like this one can be done using 6 fat quarters plus whatever you need for sashing or borders. This quilt is lap sized.

Right now I have 3 finished tops, plus backing, and binding - all stacked up and ready to quilt. Make that 4 once I decide on a back for this one. I need a couple of days off to get some of these UFO's changed into finished projects!

Leave a comment and tell me how many UFO's that you have lurking around?


  1. This is a really pretty quilt. I love the hearts. I have 12 UFO's, but I'm really trying to finish them up this year.

  2. I started to count mine once. When I got to 20, I stopped.. because I know there's at least 6 more. O.o

  3. Way too many- I am afraid to count.

  4. Your random/abstract creative friend has at least 12 UFOs ready to be finished.

  5. Cute! Love the hearts and stars! I've got 24, I did an Excel spread sheet...

  6. I thought knitters were the ones with all the UFOs/WIPs .. as a knitter I've got 5 "active" WIPs, and another 7-10 UFOs. (I'm not counting the 2 projects I started in 1991 & 1994 . . . These cotton sweaters, so cute at the time, are now officially TAuRDS (totally abandoned in disgust!)