Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Technology Conference & Star Quilts

I'm at work today - but it's lots of fun this week. I'm "holding down" the registration table during the lunch break, so have had plenty of time to do other things. Our agency is holding our 4th annual Laptop Leaders Academy this week Monday through Wednesday. We have about 140 teachers here learning about technology integration for their classrooms. The breakout sessions have been really good so far. Getting ready to hold this conference every year is so much work, but is really worth it when the participants tell us what fun they are having.

Two weeks ago Sylvia and I did a 3 day in-service at the St Francis High School, out on the Rosebud Reservation. Again - it was hard work, but fun. We held the in-service in the high school library, which was named to honor a local lady who just happened to be a quilter. This lady made traditional Native American star quilts, which are often given as gifts for special events such as graduations, etc. A local group hired a local stained glass artist to create a star quilt display for the library. I had to take a photo and share it. This stained glass piece is gorgeous, especially when the light is on behind it. It is roughly the size of a real star quilt and hangs on the wall where every student will see it as they walk into the library, sit in the library, or check out a book.

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  1. My sister-in-law lives in Valentine, Nebraska and sometimes teaches up at Rosebud! I remember sending many articles of my mother's clothing up there when she died - she was a quilter and a big believer in not wasting anything. I love the stained glass star/quilt, it is just stunning.