Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend projects

This lap sized quilt top was one of my weekend projects. I cut it out a couple of weeks ago, but just didn't get around to sewing until Sunday afternoon. The pattern is something I drew up after seeing a similar quilt at the Hill City Quilt Show - and it had a big sign saying "no photos", so I sketched instead. And then I figured out the math. I can't wait to see Sylvia, Marilyn, and Pam's versions of this lap quilt. We all bought fabric for this same project.

I'm not so crazy about all of the fabric choices. The medium print in the upper right/lower left was originally going to be a black with a tiny gold squiggle all over. I let the clerk in the Quilt Corral talk me into this purple/gold one instead. I think the black would have looked better with the black background of the large print. Oh well. . .

My other project this weekend was more pillowcases. These 2 have Dr Suess fabric and I have 2 more to finish up that are made with fish fabric. That totals 8 pillowcases so far for the Pillows for People project. I'm making a dent in my stash fabrics for these pillowcases. (But I did buy the striped border for these.)


  1. that lap quilt is great, i love the color those pillowcases as well

  2. I love the striped border! That can be used for so many projects, and it works fabulous on the pillow cases!

  3. Like the block, should make an interesting quilt. Pillowcase are really cute, love the bright colors.

  4. Love the circles fabric in your quilt! I've made a purse with that fabric and am making another for my mom. Love the Dr. Suess fabric. The pillowcases are super cute!