Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is visiting South Dakota

I know it's much too early in the year to expect this lovely weather to stay, but it's sure nice to enjoy it for a few days in March. It was a lovely day to play hooky for most of the work day. Actually I had already planned to take the day off! YIPPEEEEE!
I met some girlfriends for coffee and then we walked over to the Pin Cushion to check out their annual Fat Quarter Frenzy. Fat quarters on sale - what more could a quilter ask for, right? I bought a few, but tried really hard to be practical. And I dropped off the baby quilt to be quilted.
Later I went home and spent a little time playing with my scrap basket pictured here. I am working on some string blocks that may make a dent in my scrap basket if I make enough of them. And those blocks would make a good donation quilt. This is what the basket looked like AFTER making 4 blocks and digging all the way to the bottom. It's still overflowing. My stash is out of control.


  1. it's nice and warm here today as well, however, i'm not convinced winter is over, or the cold weather i should say....can't wait to see your string blocks

  2. Do you have coffee at Cafe Teresa? It sound just like when my fiend Paula from Platte and I get together in Mitchell coffee and the pin cushion!!!!Love it....