Sunday, October 28, 2012

Twisted Hat Door Hanging

Hanging this on my front door for Halloween was inspired by a picture I saw recently of my current house taken right before we bought it. The former owner had this huge 3D fabric Santa head and hat hanging on the door.  You could see it from the street and was so cute.

Well . . . this can be seen from the street too and should be pretty cute for future Halloweens.  It still needs quilting, binding, and a hanging sleeve added so it won't meet the deadline for this year. 

I actually had the fabric all laid out for a narrow green border and then using the hat and shoes border fabric for a wider border. I was all ready to cut this morning when the inspiration hit me for hanging this on my front door. But side borders would make it too wide. So it just got the top and bottom borders and it fits perfectly on my door.


  1. How wonderful! What a creative use of stash! Enjoy it.

  2. That is super cute! I didn't finish my halloween UFO again this year, but it can wait. Too much else going on this year. I love the lil' twister ruler!