Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I am proud to say that I've exercised some self-control this week and it feels good. I spent the past couple of days in Sioux Falls leading a workshop, and did NOT do ANY shopping during my down time.  No fabric shopping, no clothes shopping, no book shopping . . . all the things I normally like to do when I go somewhere.  I almost went to the mall, but ended up at a restaurant instead. Self-control. Sorry Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, but I did not help your sales tax revenue this week.

Now the more difficult self-control issue this week is waiting until after Saturday's Heartland Quilt Guild meeting to post some photos of the Row Robin project.  I have 6 months of row robin quilt pictures sitting on my laptop just waiting for the final reveal. Just 3 more days!!

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  1. When I was working I used to shop too on my overnight trips... or just plain sleep when my kids were small!