Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

If you haven't yet checked out the online Blogger's Quilt Festival, then it's time to that.  Bloggers all over the world will be posting about their beautiful quilts, and you can vote for your favorites in many different categories.

My entry is in the ROYGBIV category, which is all about the color wheel.  I made Polka Dots & Pachyderms for my oldest daughter using a rainbow of charm squares from a swap and adding the pieced elephants from my stash. It is a long and narrow throw quilt, so it even covers the legs of a tall husband.

Go online to the Blogger's Quilt Festival to vote for your favorites from Nov. 1-7.


  1. Very cute!! You gotta love a quilt with elephants. It should be a rule. :-)

  2. Those elephants are just adorable and I love your rainbow border too!