Friday, December 13, 2013

Favorite Christmas ornaments

I read a wonderful blog post from Wyoming Breezes yesterday about treasured Christmas ornaments from her childhood. And she recommended that I post something similar. My only childhood Christmas ornaments are the 2 little angels you can see in the photo. Both are made of cardboard, pipe cleaners, and other mysterious bits and pieces. But I do love them and hanging them brings back lots of great memories from childhood holidays.

My ornament collection is HUGE and pretty eclectic, and our tradition is to add something new every year to our tree.  Most of the ornaments have some special connection to places, or people, or events. And hanging those every year is a fun way to remember.  Some of my other favorites are these 2 photo ornaments from the 1980s when my girls were little.  I have new ones this year for grand-kid photos but I need to print smaller photos to fit before I can hang them.

I have given my girls each a new ornament every year since they were born, and now I'm doing the same with the grand-kids too.  This has been a tradition that I've enjoyed and I hope they get some enjoyment from it as well.  This year we've NOT hung many of the special ornaments because so many are fragile - and we'll have 2 toddlers and 2 crawlers at our house for Christmas. So we mostly kept the fragile things put away for another year and that is OK. But I had lots of fun looking at them as I sorted through ornaments. 

Do you have any favorite ornaments?  I would love to hear about them.


  1. I have several special ornaments from when I was younger and that is what we use to decorate our tree. My mom, grandma, and aunt all gave us ornaments each year, plus we made some at school too. I'm trying to buy the kids one each year, but I don't always remember. My most treasured is a willow tree mother daughter ornament my mom bought me before she passed. I keep it in my sewing area year round.

  2. I have all kinds of ornaments too, not many from childhood tho.I try and give the grandkids one each year too.

  3. Your angels are adorable.

    A wise decision not to hang the fragile ornaments this year. Nothing can keep toddlers away from the lights and colorful ornaments hanging on a tree.

    Your grandchildren will have a wonderful collection of ornaments and memories by the time they start decorating their own trees.