Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lost treasure is found

This doll quilt is the treasure that I found in the plastic tub of fabric that I emptied out this week.  My paternal grandmother made this for me when I was about 4 years old, so about 1958.  The back is bubblegum pink and it is all hand quilted. It's about 36" square.

I had been wondering what happened to this since we moved because it didn't turn up in the boxes I had unpacked.  Now that I've found it again I'm thinking about how to display it where it won't get lost or destroyed, but that allows me to enjoy it.

Any ideas?


  1. What a found treasure! I've got no advice on how to preserve it but I'd definitely find a home for it.

  2. I would definitely hang it on the wall :) Such a treasure! Maybe make a label for it before you do so?

    1. Karin - the label is a wonderful idea! I am definitely going to do that. Thanks.

  3. Yes, it does need a label and a place of distinction in your home.

  4. With a doll on a shelf. Rearrange and pet it often!