Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cutting my own kits for UFOs

I did a little cutting last night and created a couple of kits for table toppers. A couple of dear friends came over for supper and a little "quilty" conversation. And since my cutting board was handy and I was still feeling like working with fabric, I pulled out a couple of PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) and cut the pieces in the project. So they are now in kits and ready to just start sewing when I get the chance.  And I'm hoping that chance is tonight after work.

Both kits are for this little Pieced Tree pattern called Center Stage. This one has a cute mitten theme and other has a Halloween theme.  Both are from my UFO collection, so I'm hoping to have both checked off as finished by the end of the year.  


  1. Well now, there's a good idea! And I've never heard them called PIGS, cute! When I put together homemade kits I just put the fabric and pattern in a bag never cutting till I'm ready anther one to become a UFO ;)

  2. The mitten fabric is cute and will look wonderful in that project. I find if I have things cut and ready I'm more apt to finish them.