Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stash busting

A little stash busting went on today at my house. Over the weekend I let my granddaughter play in a box of fabric and today I was cleaning it all up and decided to do something with some of it.  This box (given to me by a guild friend who was moving) contained lots of 6" wide strips plus partially stitched sections using those strips. There appears to be enough fabric for at least 4 good sized quilts.  

I started with the green and purple collection and now have half of a large top pieced and the other half all organized, pinned into rows and ready to finish.  There is still enough of these fabrics left to add some borders and make binding and still have some left.  And I played with the pink and blue fabrics and made some pinwheels. Maybe I can do a combination of pinwheels and strips. 

I pulled some burgundy and pink strips and blocks to bring to guild on Saturday. Maybe someone else will want to finish that one.  Thanks Mary - hopefully we'll get some useful quilts made with your generous donation.   

And it all started with a little girl saying "grandma, can I play with these?". 


  1. Oh how cute! I'm sure her donation will be put to good use and your granddaughter loved playing with the strips.

  2. I like your plan of using the pinwheels and strips together. I think it would look great. Your granddaughter is cute and is probably a budding quilter if she enjoys playing with fabric.

  3. A little one after her grandmother's heart! WE all like to play with fabric! I'm making big pinwheels, too... from my stash. :)