Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lessons in accuracy

Yes - the top block is really as wonky as the photo appears! This is a lesson in cutting accuracy and piecing accuracy.
I could see that a couple of my pieces were cut just a tiny bit crooked, but decided - I'm an experienced quilter. I'll just make adjustments as I sew. LOL  As I sewed the tiny crooked cuts were amplified into much BIGGER crooked sections. And since these blocks are only 3" square (finished), the end result is pretty bad.  Let this be a lesson to me! I should pin it to my bulletin board as a reminder to be accurate.
The green block actually is accurately square but just lying funny in the picture.  But that top square is going to be replaced. Seems to me that this week hasn't been a good one for 3" squares. Must be time to work on something bigger for a while.


  1. Isn't it funny how cutting or too wide of a seam allowance can cause so many problems.

  2. Quick, quick, sew some wonky log cabin strips around it and turn it into a potholder! LOL That's what happens to my worst case orphans.

  3. I've made wonky blocks, too. It's frustrating that minor errors quickly lead to major errors.