Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sewing help

Yesterday afternoon Sammy came to help me out. My geriatric cat doesn't venture down to my sewing room as often as he used to.  He is a big boy - just over 20 pounds - and will be 16 years old around Labor Day.  My sewing room is in the basement and he is pretty slow on the stairs, especially going back up.  He needs help getting up on my ironing board these days too, but once he's there he settles right down to some serious napping and supervising. And that big, long body takes up pretty much the whole space.
For a lot of years he would follow me into the sewing room and sit in the middle of where ever I was working. If I was trying to cut fabric then he would sit or stretch out on my cutting board. If I was sewing, then he would lay on top of the quilt, or sit so he could look through the throat area of my machine. And if I was pressing something then he would stretch out on the ironing board with his tail swishing close to the hot iron. 
Now when Sammy does show up in my sewing room he'll talk and talk until I lift him up there. Then he settles right in.  When he finally gets bored - or annoyed because I move his tail to press something - he'll walk across to my sewing table which is lower, and jump down.


  1. What a sweet tribute to your sewing companion/supervisor. I can't believe how long he is.

  2. ohfercute! Sammy is geriatric, but still good at his supervisor job!!