Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another donation quilt

My fabulous quilting friends just finished another quilt for a good cause. This one is going out to the St Francis Indian School in the western part of our state. Our staff has been doing some work with the teachers in that school and we found out that they do an auction every year to raise money for their school. This is one of the most poverty stricken places in the whole country. So we decided to make them a quilt to auction off.

I wasn't able to participate in the making of this quilt, but did help some with the planning. Sylvia stopped over to see me today and brought the quilt to show me. One of the ladies will sew down the binding and then it's going to St Francis later in the week. Red and gold are their school colors. I think it is stunning!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Sara, that quilt is gorgeous. I hope it brings in big bucks to help out the school. There are so many places that are poor, but some of the poorest are on reservations. It's a down right shame. Kudos to your quilting friends on helping out in such a beautiful way.