Monday, February 28, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

This was a weekend without much sewing going on at my house. I went to dinner and to the movies (The King's Speech) with some girlfriends on Friday night. The movie was wonderful and so was the food and the company. That turned out to the high point of the whole weekend.

The man of the house is home sick (influenza or a really nasty cold) and it snowed again. So for the second time this week I spent LOTS of time shoveling snow out of our long wide driveway, off the deck, and from the sidewalks. BOOOOOO! I'm ready for spring - just like everyone else.

When I wasn't shoveling, I did work on some binding and finished up my Easter mug rug. But I can't show off the mug rug until after I've mailed it to my partner this week. I just need to find the perfect mug to go with it.

And last, but not least, keep my friend Sylvia in your prayers for tomorrow. She is having shoulder surgery tomorrow. She won't be doing too much with that right arm for the next few weeks so this will cut into her quilting. But she is confident that she'll still be able to knit while recuperating.

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  1. I hope your hubby feels better soon and will say a prayer for your friend.