Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hidden treasure

Cyber Cotton II (EY-4807)

Robert Kaufman

I made only 1 New Year's resolution this year and that is to de-clutter my house. I decided that I could tackle one drawer or one shelf, or one box at a time. And look at the treasure I found in a drawer last night. I was so excited that I didn't even finish going through the drawer.

I have a tall dresser in my basement that my grandfather made in the early 1950's. It sat in my sewing room in our old house, but has not been used since we moved into this house 6 years ago. I thought the drawers were empty - but instead it contained some real surprises.

I don't remember buying this fabric and know it was at least 6 years ago, but it is certainly my taste with the bright colors. So I'm thinking I must have planned to use it on the back of a quilt because I have 3 yards of it. And I really love it so this is definitely going back into my sewing room to be used in something fun!

Now I need to go through the rest of this dresser and see what other surprises it might yield.


  1. Sara, that is absolutely beautiful fabric. What a great find and the best part is it is in your own house.
    I love to follow what you are making. Thanks for this.

    Linda M

  2. Would you be willing sell all or some of this print? Please let me know, I have been looking desperately for more of it to finish a project! jbmquilts@gmail.com