Thursday, January 31, 2013

Careful what you wish for

I've been wishing for a snow day so I could hunker down at home and sew. Well, today the sun is shining bright, but most of the state is in a wind chill advisory with estimated wind chills at -35 degrees. Yup - that is "negative" 35! Also, most of the school districts in the eastern 2/3 of the state are closed because of the severe cold, including the 2 that I was supposed to be at today. And including the building where my office is located.

So, I got my wish to have a day to stay home and quilt. I spent a couple of hours this morning and got my Saturday Sampler block done. It's called Primrose Path and had lots of little 2" half square triangles in it. Pretty in the batiks and black. This was block 10 in the series - appropriately named Wishin' For Spring.

I also attached the binding to the owl quilt so I can get the hand work started.

And I cut the 1.5" strips that will be the frames for my Fat Quarter Stars quilt. I decided that sashing these blocks would be one of my February goals, but I wanted to frame each of them first in this pretty blue Bella Solid. Then the white sashing will be added, along with a border.

Not bad for just a couple of hours. And I got to do this by daylight for a change.

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  1. WaHoo! I'd say you made great use of your snow day! The batiks look fabulous with the black. The fabric placement on the star block is amazing: it's beautiful!