Saturday, March 22, 2014

Where did my week go?

Nothing productive has happened here in almost 2 weeks.  Most of the past week just slipped by while I slept or coughed or slept. . .

Last weekend was spent with DD#2 and her family visiting and we celebrated Sophia's 2nd birthday. We also attended the State B girls basketball tournament to watch the Sanborn Central/Woonsocket Blackhawks become state runners-up. Wonderful job girls!!  Sanborn Central is the district my husband and girls graduated from and I taught in for 18 years. My heart is still in that school district.

By Sunday night I figured I had a cold coming on - no big deal. Worked on Monday, felt fine. Worked on Tuesday, felt fine - until I was driving home in a snow storm at the end of the day. My throat was scratchy and I felt kind of warm.  I took my Nyquil and went to bed early. For the next 3 days I've run a temp, coughed until my ribs hurt, blown my nose until it's raw, and slept, slept, slept.  I know - WAY too much information!

And today I'm finally feeling like I'm returning to the land of the living. But now my husband has it.  Not been a fun March so far: stomach flu the first week and now this.  Hope spring arrives soon!

I just know that I'm anxious to spend some "healing" time in my sewing room today!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! My kids were both sick last weekend, so it was nice to finally be over it this weekend, but then the weather was too bad to do anything. Oh well, spring weather will come soon right?