Friday, August 29, 2014

Hand quilting

Hand quilting is something I enjoy doing on small projects.  This wall hanging, Cats For All Seasons, is my latest hand quilting project. I'm just doing a simple crosshatch.  And I use tape to mark my lines.  I really like the blue painter's tape, but this is masking tape.

Sometimes I use a small quilting frame to hold the piece taut, but in this case I'm quilting without any kind of frame. And it's turning out fine, especially since the quilt has a kind of "artsy" look.  I haven't made any progress on this in 3 weeks but pulled this out now while I'm on my lunch break at home and decided this will be one of the things I work on more deliberately.  I need a finish to kick start my mojo again.

1 comment:

  1. I use painter's tape all the time in my sewing room - to mark lines, to secure notes to the wall next to my cutting table, to mark a seam guide on my machine. I love that stuff!