Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Planning ahead

One of my August goals was to make 3 more Traveling Star blocks with my guild squares.  But to completely catch up I need to make 5 of them.  So my plan is to make these over the weekend. I should have lots of quiet time to sew while my hubbie is playing in a golf tournament.

I'll need to dig through the stash to find the right colors for the star points.  The backgrounds are all scrappy white or white-on-white fabrics.  I'm think a nice gold will work for the western batik and the pink lasso fabrics.  The Ohio state one will need a grey or a red.  The thimble fabric has a lot of browns and blues in it, so I'm leaning toward a medium to light blue for the star points. And the brown with the little flowers has a pink that I want to "pull" out via the star points.

Finding fabrics will probably be all I accomplish in the next couple of evenings as I am doing workshops at schools every day this week and next.  But Saturday - my sewing machine will be humming!


  1. These will be great-looking stars! I like your ideas for the star points.

  2. It looks like some fun fabric can't wait to see the stars.