Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Changing seasons

I love switching out my decorations around the house to showcase a new season and fall has arrived here in South Dakota, at least for a few days.  The temperatures today are nearly 40 degrees cooler than Monday was.  It's soup weather!  Or maybe chili.  So I added my fall leaf table topper to my kitchen counter to replace the patriotic summer runner.  I made this one several years ago but it makes me smile every year when I pull it out again.  

What kinds of autumn decor do you enjoy at your house!

Forgive the poor photo, but the light is not very good on such a grey dreary day.


  1. I don't use seasonal decorations around my house except for Christmas - I don't know why, I just never have.

  2. Soup day here tomorrow! It definitely became chilly around here... I should get my fall decor out. That is such a fun table topper!

  3. We had snow today. Lots of chili for supper.