Monday, December 1, 2014

Design Wall Monday

My Sunday evening sewing included finishing the final 4 Heartstrings blocks for this set.  I laid them out this morning on the family room floor so that I can rearrange these into rows without similar strings meeting up.  The top will then be mailed off to a Heartstrings volunteer to quilt or tie, and then donate to a worthwhile location.

My 2015 set of Heartstrings blocks are going to be black and white, with either pink or bright center strings.  I'm leaning right now to using several different bright colors for those centers, or go with just pink scrappy centers.  Either one will be fun.


  1. Cute heartstrings. It just amazes me how nice these blocks make up with a consistent center strip.

  2. Great job! I like the consistent center strips, too, and think the black and white ones will be gorgeous.

    (My floor is covered with blocks now, too) ;o)