Sunday, December 7, 2014

More traveling star blocks coming soon

I've fallen a little behind making my Traveling Star blocks using the 6" squares shared by guild members after a trip.  Last month I think we got 5 squares, and this month we got 4 more.

The front 2 fabrics were from a couple of ladies who had just been to Israel. The blue one represents peacocks which was an important memory of the trip. The other has beautiful script in the background. The 2 fabrics in the back are from Wyoming (I hope I'm right).  

I just love this practice. Members have made some gorgeous scrappy quilts using these squares. My Traveling Stars blocks will make a beautiful scrappy quilt. And it will always be a wonderful memory of my guild friends.


  1. How long have your members been sharing the squares of fabric? Have you used them for blocks other than the stars?

    1. They have been doing this for many years - more than a dozen at least. So far I've only done the star blocks. But some of the other members have done some other fun things. One gal just showed a "signature" type block she used these for. She added a solid color strip diagonally to divide each square in half.