Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Home improvement

This morning we can say good-bye to our old deck as the crew just arrived to tear it off and make way for the new deck.

Our house is 19 years old and we assume the deck is original to the house. We moved in 9 years ago and have made a few repairs and have stained it several times. From day one I've hated the ugly plain railings. And the last 2 years the front half of the deck just shed splinters, paint chips, and small wood chunks like my cat sheds hair.  It is definitely time to replace it.

I am so excited about this and can't wait until it's done and ready to enjoy.


  1. Are you replacing it with the recycled composite material or wood?

    1. We are doing wood. The composite was WAY too expensive. It's a big deck and getting slightly bigger.

  2. How cool! You can set up your machine outdoors and sew. :-)