Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Holiday table topper

This pattern is called Piano Keys and can be found on Craftsy. Connie at Freemotion By The River is the designer. The pattern has optional applique in those white areas - flowers or stars. But the quilting was so cute on this one that I decided not to cover it up.

The backing is a fabulous Mt Rushmore and flag print. It has other iconic US landmarks too, but since I'm a South Dakota gal, I focused in on Mt Rushmore.

It looks great on my deck table but since it's been raining every day again lately I guess it will mostly stay indoors on a table. Rain all day yesterday, rained this morning, and there is a 70% chance of rain again tomorrow.  Figures - I have a few days off to play golf with my husband and the weather hasn't cooperated.  Oh well . . . guess I'll just have to do a little sewing instead.

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  1. It's lovely!

    The persistent rains have stopped, and the temps are rising here in Wyoming. I just got back from Denver, and I've never seen the countryside so green this time of year. It was beautiful.