Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quilt inspector

My quilt inspector fell asleep on the job.  Isn't funny how our pets claim any quilt we lay on the floor? Sammy is almost 14 years old and takes his job as inspector very seriously.

This baby quilt is made entirely from my scrap bin and stash.  The dinosaur print on black was left over from a travel pillow I made this winter. The red was also left over from some pillows. The lime green is leftover backing and the blue was found in my stash. I need to dig through the stash again and see if I have anything that would work for backing.  I have 1 square left from each color so I could add a 4-patch into a pieced backing.  Or add them into a row on the back.  


  1. What fun to make a quilt almost entirely from scraps! Your quilt inspector is adorable. Does he have four white stockings?

  2. I love stash quilts! This one turned out wonderfully!