Wednesday, January 13, 2016

An attitude adjustment

I took the morning off today . . . call it a mental health day. Unfortunately I do have to work this afternoon.  Some work frustrations are getting the better of me lately, so I need an attitude adjustment desperately.

But I refreshed my creative energy a bit this morning by making one more Twinkle Star and cutting out all of the pieces for the last 4. That will give me 8 of them for the RSC16 column quilt. I also made a few more units for the mystery quilt.

This month's color is blue with an optional touch of purple. I can't quite decide if today's block has too much purple or not. But, I'm keeping it because it is pretty. The star points and corners are a dark blue and purple batik. And like always with a batik the color can look so different in different sections.

My first block didn't have any purple and I have one more ready that will be only blue. And I guess if this column (vertical row) reads mostly blue from a distance, then it will be fine.


  1. Making beautiful blocks always helps my attitude adjust. I love the four blocks together in the top photo. I am going to have to remember this block for a future quilt.

  2. So glad you could take some time for yourself. I cut out a minkee quilt at lunch... not my smartest move, but I want to sew when I get home. Love your blue and purple colors.

  3. Mental Health Days are essential sometimes. I hope you are now recharged and ready to tackle the world.

    Love the blocks!