Sunday, January 22, 2017

The ugly duckling

This UFO from 2011 most likely was set aside because I didn't like very much. The blocks are made using the X-block ruler and the design is fine. But the colors - not my cup of tea!  Makes me wonder what made me buy them in the first place.  

The black batik has a rust design with just a touch of green. The green and rust fabrics blend nicely but the combination is just blah - in my opinion.  

However, the zig-zag quilting gives it some much needed class and it's bound and DONE!  This one is lap quilt size, and will be given away most likely. And ironically, I found that the black batik binding was already made and waiting in my binding drawer, all labeled and ready to go. 


  1. Nice finish. The pattern looks complicated - almost like a soccer ball. Is there a local school with green and gold colors? Perhaps the booster club needs a fund-raiser.

  2. I am working on a quilt that I put away for the same reason, I just don't like it. It will be warm, cozy and useful. I don't have a conscience for wastefulness, so finish it I will. Then on to something fun :)

  3. Great Job! I'm sure you're glad it's finished. The colors wouldn't have been my cup of tea either.

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