Friday, April 7, 2017

5 more pillowcases

The top 2 pillowcases are already tucked into the gift bags for the birthday kiddos for Monday. My twin grandchildren will be 4 that day and we'll stop in to celebrate briefly - after my second cataract surgery.  I love, love, love the Hello World fabric on the left one. It has these adorable animals sitting on and near the continents where they live.  And the Spider-Man one speaks for itself for a little boy who loves superheroes.
The bottom 3 pillowcases are gifts for some other kiddos.  I switched up the cuffs and accent strips on these, using a black cuff for a boy on the map version with the purple just as an accent. And with the other Hello World fabric (grey with zoo animals) I did orange and black - also switched.  The 2 darker cuffed pillowcases will go to Virginia with me in May hopefully, when I visit some family. The orange one is destined for my other granddaughter as a belated birthday pillowcase since I didn't get one made for her in March. She loves animals so I think she'll like the one with the orange cuff.

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  1. Nice! I haven't seen those fabrics in this area yet.