Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Need Help With Borders

I need some help with borders on my frosty project. I have the blocks all put together with a dark blue narrow border that will finish at 1.5". But I can't decide what to do for outside borders. As you can see, Sammy is checking it out - but didn't have any bright ideas either.

Should I just put a medium blue solid border all around? A white border all around? Seems a little boring.

Borders at just the top and bottom with dark framing? Add some snowflake applique to these borders?

I'm looking for some ideas that will make this quilt really pop. I have plenty of fabric left to play with - so . . . anyone have any suggestions for me?


  1. I was thinking white would look beautiful, but I have this obsession with white...lately most every quilt I've worked on has white sashings in it! Beautiful quilt! Will look great with any color border!

  2. How about a white border with a string of lights around to give little touches of color?