Monday, December 21, 2009

A Mental Health Day

The wedding is over and it was lovely! I'll post a couple of pictures in a day or two.

Today I took a "mental health day" for myself and went to Sioux Falls with 3 girlfriends to shop and have lunch. Didn't do too much shopping - bought myself a sweater on sale. Ate lunch at a wonderful Italian place called Spezia. Had coffee at Barnes and Noble late afternoon. Stopped in some fun stores as well as Target and the mall.

It was a lovely, relaxing day - except for the drive home on ice. But Pam did a wonderful job of keeping us on the road safe and sound. It's snowing now and the prediction is snow every day this week, so I'm glad that I have nowhere I have to travel to - or from. If I'm snowed in I can sew and read. HMMMM - what a lovely thought! :-)

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  1. sounds like the past few days here, snowed in..we did get out yesterday...