Sunday, April 22, 2012

Out of Control

This is the large closet in my sewing room where I store most of my fabric and supplies. And it is totally out of control.
Above these drawers I have lots of hanging space. I keep quilt blocks hanging in sets clipped on skirt hangers so they don't wrinkle and are quickly accessible. And I usually drape quilt tops over large hangers until I am ready to do the quilting (or take them to a quilter). That area is nice and neat.
But these drawers . . . OMG! I have gotten so lazy this winter. I pull out a drawer, dig through, pull things out, and stuff things in. Right now I have 5 drawers I can no longer close. It isn't because I have too much fabric (which I admit I do), but rather it is in such a mess that it no longer fits in the drawer. If I just refolded things back in neatly, there would be plenty of room.
Then there is the canvas chair sitting to the left of this mess. It is currently stacked with 2 finished quilts, a pillow, and several large pieces of batting.
We won't even talk about the things sitting on top of the shorter storage units in the middle of the closet. Shame on me for letting my sewing room get this bad!!!  Maybe now that I've admitted my sins, I'm begin to repent and clean it up.

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