Saturday, March 16, 2013

Row Robin fun - Row 2

I can't post any photos of my blocks or my rows - or anyone else's rows - until the Row Robin project is all finished and we have our quilts back. I have taken pictures however. And when we are all done I hope to share some of them.

I will show the color scheme of the first row I made because Connie knows I'm working on hers this month so I'm not giving away any secrets by following her color pallet. I designed my own 8" block and I've included that pattern along with some scraps of my fabrics for her. And I've signed her label. Everything is packed back into her bag and ready to pass along at the next guild meeting.

Having this done early was really important since I know I'll miss that meeting. I'll drop this off some day this week with another guild member to deliver. What a fun project! The anticipation is building! Can't wait to get the next one to work on, and of course to get mine back all finished.

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