Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More "Scrappy Trip" blocks

Another of my May goals had been to make at least 3 more Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks.  I got 2 more made.

But I also got 2 more strip sets put together. That makes 5 strip sets made, and 5 more cut and ready to sew together.  

I think this project will become a June goal and if I can find more green and blue batiks to use I can add more blocks so that this ends up a decent size.


  1. Wonderful blocks - good choice of color and fabrics.

  2. Are you using a 20"x 2.5" strip? I have some green and blues I could send you. I just did a scrappy batik Trip Around the World Swap and have some strips left to cut.

    1. Moneik - I am using the 20" x 2.5" strips. That would be wonderful if you have some to share. Thanks!

  3. I love these colors! Beautiful blocks.