Saturday, October 12, 2013

Decorating with quilts

Decorating my home with seasonal quilts is part of the main enjoyment of quilting.  Last fall I made this door hanging for Halloween. It was made with the Twister ruler, fabric from my stash, and graph paper. The graph paper was because I saw this online, and knew I could "do the math" myself and not buy a pattern.  I love this quilt.  And my front door faces north, so I don't have to worry about the sun shining right on my quilt to fade it.

I hung this on my door using an expanable curtain rod and 2 of the removable hooks.  Those hooks plus curtain rods serve as the hangers for 3 quilts currently hanging in my home. Very easy and it allows me to move them without leaving hardware holes in my walls.


  1. My front door is metal, so I use magnetic curtain rods for the same purpose.

    Clever use of the Twister ruler.

  2. Love the colors and I never thought of putting it on the door as you did or Nancy does!

  3. Very smart way to hang a quilt! I look forward to more seasonal quilt making next year... I have one fall table topper I'd best get out!

  4. Very cute! I dug all my fall quilts out this weekend, so I hope to get them put out and up this week.