Monday, January 6, 2014

Mini Vacation

I spent 4 days in Las Vegas on a mini vacation with the hubbie, and enjoyed the 60 degree sunny weather.  I did very little gambling, no shopping (gasp!!), but lots of walking, saw some shows, and spent an afternoon in a spa.  Then I came home alone last night (he stayed for a trade show) to -15 temps and -40 wind chill.  Thank goodness my car started in that dark airport parking lot!! 

One "quilty" thing to share from Vegas is the display of antique sewing machines. In the Cosmopolitan shopping area is a fancy men's clothing store called All Saints that has this amazing display inside the entire glass wall of the store.  Supposedly there are about 1,100 machines. Very interesting to see.


  1. I'll have to look for that on my next trip. Too bad you had to come back mid freeze!!

  2. I've heard about the sewing machine display. I was in Vegas three years ago for my niece's wedding: 110 degrees in July, not my idea of fun. Sounds like right now is the ideal time to go,

    Glad your car started at the airport. Stay warm - use some of the sunshine and warmth your body absorbed in Vegas.

  3. Sounds like a pure heaven trip. Enjoy the frigid temps.

  4. Did you study them all?? I would have had to be drug away.