Friday, September 12, 2014

A new cutting table

For weeks now I've been thinking about a new cutting table and looking online.  I knew whatever I chose to do needed to be inexpensive because we have some other house updates we need to spend our money on right now.

So, my solution was found at Menards: 2 white cabinets, one with drawers and one with doors.  And I bought a butcher block top.  No assembly needed - just moved them in and laid that heavy butch block on top.  Now I just need to choose some hardware but there is no rush.

The height is just perfect so I'm hoping my back will no longer hurt every time I cut fabric. And the extra storage space is perfect too.  My big rulers and hand quilting stencils all fit in the long drawer over the doors.  And the top drawer on the left will be perfect for storing thread.


  1. Looks similar to the set up my sister has in her sewing room.

  2. Perfect! And you can never have too many drawers and hidden storage.