Saturday, October 25, 2014

Grown up version

UPDATE:  the pattern for this pillow is On-The-Go Travel Pillow from Fishsticks Designs. They have a great website.

Here is the grown up version of the traveling pillow, and the best thing about it is that everything came from my stash.  The ribbon was a scrap leftover from some long ago craft project, the hexie was an "orphan", the front is made from 2 fat quarters from the stash, and the back and handle were from the stash too.  

I even had a 16" pillow form in my sewing room closet. Now I'm feeling challenged to make at least one more this size because there is still another 16" pillow form in that closet.


  1. The perfect pillow to grab and take when going to a conference or retreat when the seats will be predictably hard.

    I love the fabrics you used.