Monday, January 12, 2015

First finish of 2015

At Sew Vintage Club on Saturday, we were given a pattern for this little mug rug that uses 2.5" squares such as Moda Candies.  And we were challenged to make one before our February meeting. Well, I had a Moda Candy pack called Double Chocolate in my stash, and I used half it to make my mug rug.  So cute - and it already looks great on my desk. 

 Notice the large rick rack peeking out around the edges.  I had a leftover piece of a beige in my scrap bin that I used for the back.  And the quilting was just a simple serpentine stitch on my machine.  A yo-yo made from the backing fabric and a heart shaped button finished it off.


  1. Adorable!! You have a calorie-free box of Chocolates on your desk!!

  2. So pretty... I've always loved that fabric line.