Saturday, December 5, 2015

Busy week and weekend.

This has been a crazy busy week with not too much to report on the quilting front. And not much time this weekend either.  It is that time of year isn't it? And I've decided not to stress over what I don't have time to do - and just enjoy the things I do have time for.

But on the positive side, the contractor finished our porch yesterday. The new railings and square posts really make the front of the house look finished. That porch was just an open slab of concrete with 4 skinny round posts and always looked so naked. I love the new look and couldn't wait to hang the lighted Christmas garland and bows. Maybe in the spring I'll add a couple of rocking chairs.

Last night I joined 3 friends for supper and a high school show choir concert to celebrate a birthday. I'm always blown away by the talent these high school kids have. I had goose bumps during some of the songs. These girlfriends are all retired teachers and have the right attitudes. They are making the most of their retirement to spend time with friends and family and doing things they enjoy. The evening was a good boost to my own attitude.

This afternoon is our guild Christmas party so I get to spend a couple of hours with a bunch of great gals, enjoying some good food and friendship. This morning I'm baking some Christmas cookies for a work related cookie exchange. These will go into the freezer later today so I can't eat them before our staff party. 

And tomorrow morning I'll head to Sioux Falls for my grandson Jack's baptism. My husband won't make it there as he is still on a job site working hard. But I'll get to see all of the kids and grandkids at least for the morning. Kissing a baby and hugging a kid is always good for the soul. 

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  1. I like your approach to this busy time - do what you can and enjoy doing it!

    Love the porch and your decorations. Rockers would be great out there, too.