Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Birds of all kinds

I have 2 bird feeders right outside of my family room windows and they provide a lot of entertainment. Some for me and my husband, and some for my cat. For the most part we have house finches, a few goldfinches, an occasional cardinal, and some downy woodpeckers. I think I would attract more of the colorful birds, but I just fill the feeders with safflower seeds. Any other combination of seeds and the blackbirds come by the dozens and chase everything else away. And - we have to bring them in every night about dusk because the deer come up and clean them out. We quite often have deer looking in the windows at us - probably wondering where their snack has gone. We also get whole flocks of wild turkeys come through the yard quite often.

But Sunday afternoon we had a completely new visitor - a young hawk. He was lovely, but also deadly. We saw him swoop down on the feeder and he had a small finch trapped under his foot when I took this photo. He was evidently trying to figure out how to fly off and keep a hold of his prize. A couple of minutes later he flew off without the finch, which we found under the feeders later. Wonder if he will show up again?

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