Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reflections of home

I'm taking a "forced" break from sewing for 3 days. I say it's forced because I'm in Denver for some training and just didn't have any hand sewing to bring along that wouldn't have taken up my whole suitcase. I may go through withdrawal . . . I'll miss my evening routine of curling up with some handwork and my cat.

So while sitting in my hotel room this evening curled up with my laptop, I thought I would share another photo of my furry little helper from home. My 19 pound cat Sammy loves to be involved in my quilting process. If I'm in my sewing room, he lays on my ironing board so he can look over my shoulder while I sew. His other favorite locations are on my cutting board or right behind my sewing machine. If I lay blocks out on the floor to decide a layout - he gets right in the middle. He'll actually burrow right under the blocks and rolls around in them. Sometimes he'll even steal a block and run off.
If I'm handquilting using my lap hoops, he'll lay on top of whatever section he can find room. So the picture below is Sammy, burrowed under some blocks of a quilt. There is an obvious path of destruction behind him, with blocks rolled up and out of place. (Judging by the furniture and stacks of books in the background this was the last quilt I made before we moved to our new house about 3 years ago.)

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  1. Sammy is a delight. The burrowing stealthy cat burglar... And you managed to catch him it the act. Isn't it wonderful that when we are away from home we can turn on our laptops and be transported back to home... where the heart is.

    Thanks for sharing, Sara. Sammy is priceless.